Ms. US Continental 2003-2004
Loreen Olney

Appearances - Part Two

Murray City Light Parade

Loreen was lit up with Christmas lights!

On December 7th, 2003, Loreen served as a judge for the Royalty Children's Pageant.  The judges included:  (L to R) Mary Leisa Moore (Mrs. Riverton), Loreen - Ms. USC, and Bernadette Wolfe (Mrs. Tooele County). 

At the "Lights On Celebration" in downtown Salt Lake city on Nov. 28th, 2003, Loreen get a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and talk to Kurt Bestor, a nationally acclaimed musician.

Photo by Peter Fecteau of Images of Afternoon

Also at the "Lights On Celebration" in downtown Salt Lake city on Nov. 28th, 2003, Loreen got a big bear hug from the Utah Jazz Bear (their basketball mascot).

Photo by Peter Fecteau 

Left: Loreen shares a special moment with a stilt walker.

Right:  Posing on a classic double decker bus called "Jingle Bus."  She was joined by Santa and Frosty on her bus ride!

Photo by Peter Fecteau 

At the interview competition, Loreen poses with the outgoing Ms. US Continental 2002, Cammie Sanders.

Nov. 2003

After the interviews, Loreen & her kids blow off some steam!

Loreen's first official appearance was at the Harley-Davidson located in West Palm Beach, Florida on November 9th, 2003.

Top Left / L to R:  Loreen Olney, Ms. US Continental 2003-2004;  Kelly Wagner, Ms. Florida USC;  Dana Jo Alley, Miss Florida Teen USC; Annilie Hastey, Miss Teen US Continental 2003-2004!

Loreen's New Alligator Friend...and new snake buddy.



After Loreen's big win, where did she want to go?      "Disneyworld!"  (& Seaworld too!)

(Top Left) The new Ms. USC gets her caricature drawn during her visit to Orlando, FL!  (Right) Loreen with her kids, Shalyse & Taylor, at Epcot! (Bottom) With Ariel the Mermaid, with Mickey Mouse, and with some dolphins!   Nov. 2003

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