Ms. US Continental 2003-2004
Loreen Olney

Appearances - Part Five

  Loreen with Miss Riverton 2003 at the Miss Utah (America) Pageant, 6/23-26/2004

Left:  National Exchange Club of Taylorsville

Loreen spoke on her platform regarding child abuse.

Right:  West Jordan Jr Miss in May


June 13th, 2004

Loreen and Eileen pose with members of the 4th TFS unit.


Ms. USC was a special guest for the Opening Ceremonies

June 9 - 12, 2004

Loreen's volleyball team at a celebratory dinner. They didn't have much to celebrate, but they did have fun.


Denver, Colorado

May 27 - 30, 2004

(Right) The Judges: Kelli Harvey, TX State Director, Loreen, Terealia Truhitte. and entertainer: Dan Truhitte (played Rolf in the Sound of Music)

Loreen visits with her former fellow competitor, Ms. Colorado US Continental 2003, E-Dee Martin.   E-Dee served as an Emcee for the Cinderella Pageant.

Loreen served as a judge for the Hawaiian Tropic State Pageant in Utah, May 22nd, 2004

With fellow judges Sheila Erickson, owner of Broadway Talent Agency, AND Tammy Waite, Ms. US Continental 1999!

Ms. US Continental 1999 - Tamera Waite

(Tammy as

Ms. USC '99)

With Jobi Einerson, one of the winners at the Hawaiian Tropic pageant.

Loreen with Elli Gardner, Supreme Swimwear Winner. Elli had the highest score of all the girls at the state pageant.

Loreen with 1st runner up to Miss Utah USA Kylie Brown.

Loreen rides a pint-sized Harley at the Kids Safety Fair in Draper, 5/22/04

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